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This post covers how to make Vzones.exe run at less than 100% CPU usage. This is handy for those who run Vzones on laptops and run into 'overheating' problems, especially with the warm summer days coming up.


It only runs on windows 2000 and up, I only tested it on XP, and it works here.
It is only good for 1 avi. Running a second avi will cause the first instances of vzones.exe to run at the defined CPU usage, where the second avi will still take all available CPU time. I might look into this in the future, MAYBE.
A few notes...
I would like to emphasize that the problem should be solved within the client, and definitely not on Operating System level.

Questions about usage can be asked in the forum, please don't contact me in world about it. If you have a question on it, odds are more people have the same question, and thus it's easier to post it in the thread where it's readable for everybody.

I'm not responsible if this isn't working, if it causes your computer to crash, your girlfriend to leave you, or world peace never to happen.

From here, elementary knowledge of Windows is required.
Knowledge required: downloading and unpacking a zip file, editing an ini file with notepad, and (maybe) know how to work with a CMD prompt.

I still didn't scare you? Here we go.

Step 1
Download (3.63 KB (3,722 bytes)) and unpack this to preferable c:\VZlimiter

Step 2
Edit the ini file (if necesary). Below is the one I'm using, but depending on your system it might need tweaking.
;Exe file name of process to be limited
;Process working time period, msec

;Process suspended time period, msec

;Enable HighPriority for CPUlimit

;Enable using ntdll.dll functions ResumeProcess/SuspendProcess if found
CanUseNtDll=1On my AMD 2400 these settings will make Vzones run at 5% CPU usage, without noticing serious slowdowns in the client.

A quick explanation of the TimeOn and TimeOff parameters :

TimeOn is the amount of CPU time vzones.exe gets.
TimeOff is the amount of time that VZlimiter will 'steal' from Vzones.exe
TimeOn + TimeOff = 100% (roughly)
With TimeOn=1 and TimeOff = 9 this means Vzones gets about 10% CPU time.

Step 3
Start VZlimiter by either double clicking it, or opening a cmd prompt, go to the right folder and type: vzlimiter

Step 4
Check in your Windows Task Manager and watch how the Vzones.exe process will use about 5% - 10% CPU usage.

Enjoy your 'cool' laptop running Vzones without your CPU going bezerk

If you want to experiment with the values, I added a shortcut named vzlimiter_stop, which basically starts vzlimit with the /q option to unload it. After unloading vzlimiter, Vzones will asap use 100% CPU resource again.



Multiavie version is done.
No more hidden proces, the limiter runs as a windowed cmd prompt. To end the program just close it by hitting the [x] (makes it easier to adjust the ini file to suit your needs)
INI file simplied, basically now all you do is play with the 2 parameters to give the clients more or less time

Current ini file gives 2 clients 5% cpu time each on an AMD 2400.
Keep in mind, hosters and game cards can start lagging if you don't give the VZones client enough cpu time.

This software comes as is, don't blame me if it doesn't work. All disclaimers as in first post apply.

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Last updated 11-06-05