The Cat
August, 2001

I'm 46 years old male, living in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
My real name is Ferdinand van Veen. I was born on the 2nd of February 1966 in Amsterdam,
Holland. I love pinball, cinema's, reading, party's and I love cats and dogs.

June 2000

I spend a lot of time in a chat called newHorizone. I have met there a wonderful lady called Wings.
We are married in that world and the day we got married there was just the best day of my life so far.

I am known in that chat as The Cat. I am also hosting several games in there and I just love it there,
Especially when I get to spend the most time there with my Sweetheart Wings.
You will find on this page also links to show some pictures from the chat I am talking about here.
This chat has brought me some great friends and it is just a great chat.

July 2004

The last 3 months I have been working on my truck license and papers.
My papers I got about 1 month back was a hard study. Had to do 3 exams for it.
I failed one time but with the second attempt I passed.
On July 7th I had to do the driving exam and I am happy to say I passed that one also.
So now it's waiting until I get a job but that's something we are working on right now.
At this moment we are looking at 3 possible jobs.
Soon we will know who wants to go on with me and which one I would like the best.
Soon as I know more about it I will update this page again

August 2004

I got a job as a Truckdriver.
I am working now for Montapacktransport BV.
Its great work and i am on the road almost all day.
below here you will see a pic of me with the truck i drive mostly at this moment.

This Picture is taken in Antwerpen Belgium

January 2005

Its january 2005 now and i am still driving. This month on the 6th I have to do my trailer exam.
I failed that one but will get a other change on feb 22nd.

February 2005

I passed on the 22nd for my trailer exam.
My Boss order a new tractor. Witch will be delivered with us in April.
Now i will be driving a Truck like you see below here.

April 2005

On the 11th of the month we got our new truck.
Its the one below here and at this moment it will be the one i will be driving the most.

Thanks again for checking on this page.
Plz come back again I might update now and then and when I do will put the date infront
Greetings and have a Great day and may God Bless You
Ferry Also known as The Cat
Also I want to say a special thanks to Wings for creating this page for me :-)
Thanks My Sweet Angel

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