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Howdy all, I hope you will read this and check out some of the links here.
If you find broken links please drop me an e-mail.
Thank you.
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Client Downloads for PC and MAC

Download the 3.6 client for MAC
Download the 4.0 client for PC
Vzones Launcher
WA Fonts

New Member Help

Newbie Tour
Commander Skipper's Nh Map
Virtual Zones Manual

Help and Staff pages

New Member Help (English, Dutch and German)

Information and Forum pages

VZones TOS
VZones News
New Vzones Forum for All worlds
Vzones Forum
Game Hosts

Server Status

Server Status


nH AvatarWares Catalog
Ct Passions PaintHelp

newHorizone Help pages Billing and technical

Terms of Membership
Entry page
Page for Paypal payments
Turf Previews
Billing FAQ's
Help Support for PC
Help Support for MAC
E-Mail Contact Info
Privacy Policy

Diversen Info

Wedding Registry
VZConnections Vendo Item Locations
Engraving Schedule

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